Amigurumi: Funny Word But OH So Addictive


I’d have to say that 2014 has been an interesting year for me in the crochet world. Besides being hooked on Pinterest, I have been bitten by the bug in trying my hands in making amigurumi figures. All thanks to Mikey and The Crochet Crowd in the first Mystery Crochet Along: Giraffe.

Since this challenge I have made 4 giraffes (I sold 2 to a coworker), in which I have given the names – Pixie, Dixie, Angel & George, and I’m in the middle of making a monkey, cat, dog and an alligator if I can find one I like for my nieces and nephews.

Who else enjoys the thrill of that new item, or stitch just learned and you can’t stop doing it over and over? Believe me my very first amigurumi looked like a Gremlin instead of a cute little bunny rabbit!! 🙂

There are some great “How to” videos on making amigurumi on You-Tube, and I’ve saved some of my favorites on my Pinterest Board.

If you’ve ever tried Amigurumi what are your thoughts on making them?

* Do you find them intimidating to make?
* Would you describe them as pretty easy or pretty tough or does it matter about the pattern when it comes to rating the difficulty level?
* Do you enjoy making them but prefer other crochet projects instead?
* You can’t get enough of them and make it your Go To Project most of the time?

So let’s be creative and see what we can do. Post your pics, I would love to see your new creations!

“If you never did you should. These things are fun, and fun is good” Dr Suess

Until next time.. Your fellow crochet-aholic signing off. Bobbie Asche


Mad Hatter Hat Challenge

Mad Hatter Hat Challenge was a great adventure…

Alice in Wonderland Fairytale represented by a Top Hat. Mikey from along with sponsor’s &  James C. Brett & Schachenmayr Yarns came together for this great Challenge.

Contestants would crochet the Top Hat per instructions and then incorporate the theme Alice In Wonderland to the hats. There was an overwhelming 341 submissions of these hats and was I in total awe at the creativity that was represented.

The best 5 top hats were awarded $500 Prize Packages and the next 10  were awarded $50 Yarn samplers.

The rest of the hats were auctioned off and/or sold during the Creative Festival and the money goes toward The New Crochet Crowd Scholarship Program to provide financial assistance in the form of Academic Awards for ‘creative based’ post secondary students.

I made a board on my Pinterest to show all the great work that was done. You will be amazed!!      The winners submission pics are marked to show the 15 chosen.   Enjoy!

Here is the pattern for the basis of the hat.. 

Below you will see my submission in to the challenge. I kinda amazed myself that it turned out decent.. LOL  The last time I tried to make an animal it looked like a Gremlin!  🙂


Official submission photo for the challenge.


My version of the White Rabbit


Completed items before assembly..