All About Me

Hi my name is Bobbie Asche and I’m a guest blogger at Knot Just Yarn Blog for The Crochet Crowd. I was born and raised in the Northern Kentucky area and hubby and I moved to North Carolina in 2010 and have had one adventure after another since then.

I’ve been crocheting off and on since I was 11 years old. My paternal grandmother and aunt taught me how to crochet, quilt and anything crafty.  For years as a young child my grandmother would always give me yarn, a new pattern and a new hook and a bag of Grippos BBQ chips for my Birthday and Christmas… Boy were those the days.  🙂

My husband and I have drove the 469 miles of roadway of the Blue Ridge Parkway and seen all of the scenic views and hiked many parts of it. We love to take 3 day weekend trips in NC & VA and this year we are going to check out the mountain areas of GA!!

2014 celebrated 21 years together with my 6’1″ little Army man an he’s about as Hillbilly as I am..  LOL  We are just country folks that love Nature and like to live life the easiest way possible and enjoying every minute of being Grandparents.


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